Outsourced Financial Controller

Outsourced Financial Controller

Get the expert financial guidance your business needs to accelerate growth with SVCO outsourced financial controller services. Every business needs some form of financial oversight, but outsourced financial controllers do so much more than simply running the numbers. Gain a strategic asset that provides a long-term vision for your business based on comprehensive regulatory knowledge, complex financial data and confident internal/external representation.

The option of having an outsourced controller is quite common now. There has been a growth, in recent years in the number of companies taking advantage of the services of outsourced financial controllers. This is partly due to the rise in the use of computerised accounting systems, which make it easier to analyse and understand the information, and also due to the increased awareness of the need for better financial management skills.

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What Does an Outsourced Financial Controller Do?

Simply put, a financial controller manages all areas of finances and bookkeeping for a company. From overseeing accounts, cash disbursements, and bank reconciliation to offering in-depth financial planning and analysis services, a financial controller does it all. Here at SVCO, we offer in-depth Dublin financial controller services suitable for companies of all sizes in a range of industries. Below are just some of the things our outsourced Dublin financial controller services at SVCO can do for your business



  • Make advantageous accountancy-related decisions at every opportunity

  • Oversee accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, cash disbursements and bank reconciliation

  • Ensure all elements of your cash flow are fully documented and reported to deadline

  • Provide hands-on management for your in-house accounts team

Financial Analysis & Planning

Financial Analysis & Planning

  • Create a detailed future finance plan without paying for a full-time financial controller

  • Conduct in-depth financial analysis and move forward based on real-world insights

  • Establish financial policies and procedures to ensure effective corporate governance

  • Use financial insights to analyse operational efficiency and assess potential risks

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare financial statements and projections, balance sheets and cash flow/budgetary reports

  • Provide professional representation when dealing with banks, investors, lawyers and auditors

  • Get your annual accounts ready for submission

  • Generate and interpret data to support long-term financial planning

Internal Controls

Internal Controls

  • Review and approve all outgoing invoice payments, and administer collections on invoices

  • Keep company financial records organised, up-to-date and formatted for easy analysis

  • Implement and execute internal control systems for accounting and other financial processes

  • Review contracts, agreements and insurance policies before terms are agreed

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Why Choose SVCO?

SVCO has provided growing businesses with invaluable outsourced financial controller services for well over a decade. These are just some of the reasons you should choose SVCO:

Why Choose [company_name]?

  • Receive comprehensive support from a senior team member with extensive experience

  • Work in partnership with an asset that moulds around your existing systems and processes

  • Call on expert financial advice as and when you need it, without paying a full-time salary and incurring additional employers PRSI

  • Accelerate growth with a financial partner as dynamic and innovative as your business

  • Gain professional representation from a provider with an established industry reputation

  • Utilise our comprehensive knowledge of financial processes, regulations and requirements

  • Trust in our leadership and collaborative skills to assure productive staff and external interactions