Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

We deliver Company Secretarial Services that help you meet your regulatory, legislative & reporting requirements.

SVCO provides industry-leading Company Secretarial Services, assisting company directors with incorporating and setting up a business in Ireland, compliance with the Companies Act 2014 and EU Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations, meeting company filing deadlines, registering directors, shareholders & beneficial owners and more.

Our Company Secretarial Team have extensive corporate secretarial service experience working with domestic and international businesses operating in Ireland to help them achieve and demonstrate their Irish and Global regulatory, legislative and reporting requirements.

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Our Company Secretarial Services Include:

Our Company Secretarial Services Include

  • Company formations / company incorporation and obtaining your Irish company registration number

  • Business name registrations

  • Filing company annual returns

  • Filing unaudited financial statement

  • Filing of Form B73 (to extend the current Annual Return Date), Form B1 (with financial statements, when required, with the Companies Registration Office), Form B2 (to change the registered address of the Company), Form B5 (to issue new shares) and Form B10 (on appointment or resignation of Directors or Secretary)

  • Maintenance of Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Directors and Secretarial Holdings and maintenance of Register of Directors and Secretaries Interests in Securities based on information provided by you

  • Maintenance of Register of Beneficial Owners as required by 5th AML Directive

  • Irish company restoration service

  • Voluntary strike-off

  • Other statutory reporting requirements

Company Formations

SVCO has vast experience with company formations and business registrations in Ireland and Internationally. We have incorporated companies for our clients, who consist of both local and international companies. With our service guarantee and quick response times, we will manage your company application from start to finish and will provide you with full support and expert guidance after your company is registered.

Business Name Registrations

  • Irish Sole Trader or Partnerships Some people start their businesses as either a sole traders or partnerships as an alternative to trading as a limited company. This involves the registration of a business name with the Companies Registration Office. It should be noted, however, that no protection is given to the name registered, i.e. There is nothing to stop someone else registering the same name that you have registered (unlike a company) Please note that limited liability does not exist for a sole trader or partnership, as the business is not considered a separate legal entity from those involved. Only residents of the Republic of Ireland can register as Sole Traders or Partnerships in Ireland. For Irish Residents who are non-EU nationals, please note you must have Stamp 4 and a letter of business permission from the Department of Justice to register a business name as a Sole Trader or Partnership.

  • Business Name Under a Limited Company/ Trade Name Private Limited Companies (LTD) are no longer restricted in the activities that they can carry out by their Constitution since the Companies Act 2014 commenced into Irish law. After a Private Limited Company has been incorporated, it may choose to register additional business trade name(s) for its various business activities to avoid confusion when it comes to suppliers and customers.

Filing of Annual Returns in Ireland

Irish Companies are required under statutory legislation to file an Annual Return and Accounts each year with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. Failure to comply with this regulation can have serious implications, including substantial fines which accumulate on a daily basis, loss of audit exemption for 2 years, and possible involuntary dissolution of the company and legal action against the Directors by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE).

It is important to note the first Annual Return for an Irish Company is due 6 months after incorporation, and every 12 months thereafter. No accounts are required with the first Annual Return. The Annual Return date (ARD) can be changed from the 2nd Annual Return onwards (no more than once every 5 years) A company must file an Annual Return in every calendar year, and the accounts must be made up to a date no more than 9 months before the ARD.

SVCO can assist you with this statutory requirement, as well as advise on any other company secretarial and compliance matters. In fact, we can look after all your corporate governance and statutory requirements leaving you to concentrate on managing your business

Irish Company Restoration Services

  • Company Struck off After Less Than a Year Where a company has been struck-off for less than 12 months, SVCO can draft and prepare the necessary documents in order to restore the company to the register. The documents filed will depend on whether the company is a CRO Strike-Off or a Revenue Strike-Off. In order to make this application, all outstanding annual returns must be filed together with the financial statements which are required to be annexed to same pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act 2014. These financial statements must relate to an individual financial year and may not be amalgamated with the accounts for another financial year or years. Late filing fees to the CRO must also be paid. SVCO can assist with the preparation of returns and non-trading accounts if you require us to do so.

  • High Court Company Restoration (Dissolved 1+ Year) Where a company has been struck off the register for more than one year, an application to the High Court must be made to reinstate that company. Please speak to us in order to avail of this service.

  • Voluntary Strike-Off: Close a Company in Ireland An Irish Company may be Voluntarily Struck off the Register if the assets and liabilities are worth no more than €150 or the balance sheet is zero. This is the easiest and fastest way to close an Irish Company. SVCO can carry out all the steps on your behalf to ensure the company is closed properly in the quickest possible timeframe. An estimated timeframe of 3 months is generally anticipated once all the background work is done for the company to be struck-off.

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Company Secretarial Services FAQ

  • Where can I find company secretarial services near me?

    SVCO Provides professional Dublin company secretarial services for small to medium companies in a variety of industries.

  • What are company secretarial services?

    Company Secretarial Services refer to services provided to a business to ensure that the running of the business and all aspects of business finances etc. are compliant with the law and legislations. Company Secretarial Services also include professional advice on areas such as company formations, voluntary liquidation, administration, and more.

  • What kind of company secretarial services do you provide?

    SVCO provides a range of company secretarial services including company formations, compliancy advice, annual returns filing, liquidations filing, and more.